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Brand New MPU089 MPU board for Bally/Williams WPC89 Pinball machines
Williams Sound Speech Board (Red Masked)
Williams Bally Pinball Machine Coin Door
WILLIAMS HIGH SPEED Pinball Machine Playfield Overlay
Arcade owner maintains fading bastion
His father repaired pinball machines and jukeboxes. His mother bought SS Billiards in 1972 from a man named Sam Snelling (thus the name). Olson, 58, eventually took over, shepherding the arcade through pinball's heyday. He's now down to 13 ...
Falconer Warehouse Antiques Now Open
Jose, along with Scott Fegley, run the antiques business that has several vendors who offer a variety of furniture, clothing, glassware and collectibles. Jose said the location is a warehouse, so several vendors can set up a location inside to sell their ...
The penny drops on the last arcade
The arcade stopped turning a profit years ago ... It began in 1960 when Vince Bryant bought a few pinball machines and jukeboxes and made deals with hotels and restaurants to share the collected coins. He worked long days, travelling across southern ...
Three Weeks In Gaming Apps, In Case You Thought We Forgot
From the creators of Candy Crush Saga comes another Facebook convert, with tons of block-matching puzzles that will keep you on the toilet long after the red ring has been imprinted ...". I do not remember this, nor can I find it, but I'm ...
Captain's Auction Warehouse Points to Pinball as Investment in Fun and Finances - | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports
First, older coin-operated arcade games and pinballs are increasingly ... In spite of the amazing appreciation rates on pinball machines, this hobby and collectible opportunity is still affordable to most people. According to Captain's Auction Warehouse ...
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Pinbot Topper
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Electronic Pinball Games Repair Procedures by Bally FO 560-1 paperback 1978
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Everything old is new again
On the program, the two stars — pickers — scour the country for “rusty gold,” as they call it, and turn “trash” into highly collectible treasures ... the rows of reconditioned jukeboxes and console radios, arcade (pinball, video and shooting ...
Whalebone And Ivory: How To Buy What`s Legal-and Real
A-Old jukeboxes ... collectibles and can be contacted at 14510 Antelope Dr., Sun City West, Ariz. 85375 (phone 602-584-1196). Q-Is there a source from which missing parts for old and obsolete small kitchen appliances can be obtained? A ...
Spain's Marsaplay Introduces Pinball Machine That Unites Classic And Modern Features
pinball, pinball machine, pin table, pinball game Marsaplay, Canasta pinball machine, New Canasta, Inder, dartboard, jukebox, coin-op games, coin-operated, amusement games, arcade games ... allows for plug-and-play parts replacement of key components ...
Pinball Wizards of Orange County
Chamberlain's gig is installing and operating pool tables, ATM machines, electronic jukeboxes ... collectibles -- Barbie dolls that never leave the box, baseball cards that never leave their plastic sleeves, comic books left unread -- if you collect ...
Everything old is new again
On the program, the two stars — pickers — scour the country for “rusty gold,” as they call it, and turn “trash” into highly collectible treasures ... the rows of reconditioned jukeboxes and console radios, arcade (pinball, video and shooting ...